Kathlynn C. Sell is a board-certified music therapist in the Greater Boston area. She graduated the Berklee College of Music in 2017 with a degree in Music Therapy and Psychology. After graduating, Kathlynn began working for the Brookline Music School as a music therapist and continues in this position today, now taking on a larger role as the Department Coordinator for the Music Therapy Department. In 2018, she began the process of building her business, Daylight Music Therapy. This company is built with the intention of providing affordable services to those all over the MetroWest and South Shore regions of Massachusetts.

In the fall of 2021, Kathlynn will begin her pursuit of a music therapy master’s degree through the Colorado State University’s online program.

Throughout her career, Kathlynn has taken great pleasure in having the opportunity to advocate for the field of music therapy through conference sessions, webinars, and keynote presentations. Her love of public speaking led her to accept the nomination to become the Vice President for the New England Region of the American Music Therapy Association, a position that is directly in charge of regional conference planning and execution. Kathlynn has also completed the training and received the credential of Neurologic Music Therapy and currently pursues a fellowship through the Neurologic Music Therapy Academy.

Kathlynn operates on the philosophy that music is for everyone and everyone can make music. There is no gatekeeping in music; everyone should have the ability and resources to enjoy music in whatever capacity they choose to, and she strives to continue searching for ways to make this possible. She considers herself truly fortunate to be a part of the field of music therapy and hopes to one day teach the next generation of music therapists.